A product is defective if it causes an injury to somebody because it contained a manufacturing defect, it was defectively designed or because it did not include sufficient instructions or warnings.

Defective product cases are typically very complex and very expensive. In order to prove the product was defective, a defective products attorney will likely need to hire a variety of experts to study the design of the product.

The most common types of cases you will see a product liability claim in are machinery, vehicles, and medical devices. Pharmaceuticals are notoriously targeted as for not providing sufficient warnings of the side effects to the consumers.

It is always critical for you to hire a defective products attorney immediately to begin investigating a potential case. Often times the product that caused the injury is lost or repaired before it is adequately examined. If that is the case, it could make it extremely difficult to prove the product was defective.

We have handled a number of different product liability cases including: pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, on-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, forklifts, machinery and even shopping carts.