How Much Does A Lawsuit Cost?

Lawsuit Costs Explained

Lawsuits are not cheap.

It costs money to file an auto accident or other personal injury lawsuit, and it costs even more money to properly handle a lawsuit.

Since personal injury lawyers are often hired using a contingency fee agreement, the costs are almost always advanced on behalf of the client. Because the lawyer has the expertise, the nature and extent of the costs associated with the case are typically solely within the discretion of the lawyer. In other words, the lawyer is going to spend the money necessary to adequately represent you – and you agree that he can do that without calling you for approval every time he spends money.

The costs will vary from case to case, depending upon the specific facts of each case. These costs, however, can and often do include, the following types of expenses:

–    travel

–    meal and lodging expenses associated with necessary travel

–    deposition charges

–    expert witness fees and costs

–    consultation expenses

–    outside legal and/or medical research and review

–    medical and expert consultation

–    investigation expenses

–    computer services

–    expenses performed as a necessary part of assembling evidence on behalf of the client.

–    long-distance phone charges,

–    service of process fees,

–    service of subpoena fees,

–    court costs and fees,

–    jury fees,

–    postage,

–    copy charges and expenses,

–    facsimile expenses,

–    overnight express charges,

–    photographic reproduction,

–    preparation of trial exhibits,

–    Reasonable storage fees for physical evidence

These advanced costs are reimbursed before any recoveries are disbursed to the client. This is discussed in a little more detail where I explain attorneys fees and where I explain how to determine the value of your case.