An injury to the brain has devastating impact on the daily life of the injured individual as well as those friends and loved ones around them.

The general public most likely thinks of a brain injury as something that leaves the injured person in a state if being that requires 24 care. But the vast majority of brain injuries do not require 24 hour care services and can be just as devastating to the injured person. Some brain injury victims are still able to function in their day to day life, but they are no longer the same person they were prior to the injury.

Common Symptoms of Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are often categorized as being either mild or severe. Any brain injury is a very serious injury, but the symptoms often distinguish mild from severe.

Mild traumatic brain injury symptoms:

  1. Headaches
  2. Nausea
  3. Memory loss
  4. Disorientation or dizziness
  5. Vision problems
  6. Seizures
  7. Mood swings or changes

Severe traumatic brain injury symptoms:

  1. Speech and language issues
  2. Problems with the sense of smell, taste or touch
  3. Sensory confusion
  4. More severe emotional issues and depression

Whether a brain injury is mild or severe, the injury is life changing to the person injured. If the injury was caused in any type of accident, whether you think it was your fault or not, it is imperative that you contact a San Diego Brain Injury Lawyer to have the case investigated and evaluated.

The Most Common Auto Accident Related Brain Injury

An emergency room doctor once told me in a deposition that if an injury is not going to cause an immediate death of the patient, then he isn’t worried about it, and he isn’t looking for it while he is treating the patient. Unfortunately, a traumatic brain injury, or TBI injury, is often one of those injuries that get missed or misdiagnosed by the emergency room doctors.

A traumatic brain injury is basically a blow to the head that causes some disruption to the function of your brain. It can also be causes by the rapid application of forces to the head resulting in a shearing injury. These types of impacts and forces applied to the head are very common in auto accidents.

Just as the ER doctor is not necessarily looking for traumatic brain injuries, even a well done medical examination following you accident may not indicate a brain injury. That is why it is so important that you and your loved ones keep an eye out for any of the brain injury symptoms identified above.

If you experience any of the symptoms, go to the doctor immediately and tell them you were in an accident and now experiencing symptoms that are consistent with a brain injury. Often times a brain injury is only identified through very expensive and specialized testing. These tests are not typically given unless the doctor is given a reason to believe it is necessary. So if you have these symptoms, make sure you doctor is aware of them so all appropriate medical care can be provided.

Brain Injury Care

The psychological costs of a brain injury can be significant, but the state of the medical care system in California at this time means that the financial costs will substantial.

Many brain injury victims are required to endure a variety of different surgeries. As you can imagine, brain surgery is performed by a highly skilled doctor and is very expensive. Following brain surgery there is commonly a time period where a brain injury victim needs to re-learn how to do some of the most basic day to day activities such as walking and talking. Often a team of rehabilitation experts such as physical therapists and speech therapists are hired to help the victim re-learn these things.

As a San Diego Brain Injury Lawyer, I am familiar with the costs associated with this devastating type of injury. It is my job, and the job of my law firm, to make sure we explore every avenue of compensation for you. In some cases it may be an obvious defendant, such as the other driver in an auto accident, but in some cases it will not be as obvious, such as a government entity for negligently maintaining a roadway that contributed to the accident that caused the brain injury. It is very important that you have a San Diego Brain Injury Lawyer examine the facts of the accident and evaluate all of your possibilities for you.